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Matoran and Metruan

Mata Nui Matoran

The Matoran are the islanders of Mata Nui. However one of the most well-known is Takua The Chronicler.




Takua is the Chronicler of Mata Nui. His duty was to record the history of Mata Nui. Little did he know his destiny was different from everyone. And that he would discover it after finding the Mask of Light. After a Rahkshi called Turahk killed Jaller with his Fear power. Takua put on the Mask of Light... and became the Toa of Light, Takanuva... who would banish the darkness of the Makuta from the island of Mata Nui forever.... and in doing so he rediscovered their island home of Metru Nui.

Takua has led a singularly adventurous life for a Matoran. It was he who gathered the stones that summoned the Toa to Mata Nui, and he was present at both Makuta’s defeat and the awakening of the Bohrok. Due to his knack - some would say ill luck - for being present at most of the island’s major triumphs and catastrophes, he has been appointed the official Chronicler of Mata Nui, charged with the task of recording significant events as they unfold. Takua is brave and loyal to his friends, but he can be reckless and even irresponsible in his pursuit of new adventures.



Jala's athletic ability and no-nonsense manner make him the obvious choice to stand on Vakama's right side. He longs to explore all of Mata Nui, but he understands that his fellow Ta-Koronan do not like to travel. The leader of Jala's clan, Lhii, is the greatest surfer Mata Nui has known since Tahu. Jala has a lot to live up to, but he is dedicated, studies well, and works hard to protect his village.



Kapura is considered by some in Ta-Koro to be slightly slow, but Vakama has great confidence in the odd little Matoran and has appointed him to stand at his left side. Through the Turaga’s wisdom and lots of practice, Kapura has learned the secret art of covering large distances very quickly by walking very slowly. His slow and deliberate way always remains true to his purpose and he is surprisingly thoughtful, contributing simple but profound wisdom from time to time.




Huki, who stands on Onewa's right side, lives in the desert village of Po-Koro. He is the greatest goal scorer of all time at Kohlii and one of the few Po-Koronan able to crush boulders with both his feet and his head. It is said that he learned this skill after Maku soaked his mask during a practical joke. (Maku must have known that the Po-Matoran cannot swim and hate water.)



Hafu is a master stone-carver. Some villagers – not the least of which is Hafu himself – call him the greatest craftsman that Mata Nui has ever known. He is a talented storyteller, but his favored topics tend to be his own genius and great achievements. The other Po-Koro Matoran do their best to ignore his arrogance because they are so fond of their master carver.




Kongu is one of the most talented residents of his treetop village of Le-Koro. Kongu loves birds and naturally handles them with such ease that he has become one of Le-Koro's great bird wranglers. This makes him an exceptionally good pilot, navigator and mapmaker. It's no wonder Matau has made him captain of the Le-Koro Kahu-force!



Tamaru speaks so quickly that he often bewilders even his fellow Le-Koro Matoran, yet somehow he remembers almost everything that he hears. The only thing faster than his speech is his speed at vine-swinging through the tall trees of his jungle home, a skill that helps to make up for his lack of ability as a pilot or navigator. His greatest dream is to fly a Kahu, but unfortunately he is quite afraid of heights.




Maku lives in the village of Ga-Koro. Her skill at Canoe racing is legendary and her sense of direction is flawless--she can navigate through the waters surrounding Mata Nui even in the worst conditions. Her skills in swimming and disk throwing are remarkable, making her a favorite in local competitions. Before the Bohrok Swarms, Maku often got in trouble for sneaking away from the village in her canoe to spy on Huki, the Kohlii champion. Now she patrols Lake Naho from Ta-Wahi to Po-Wahi.



Hahli spends most of her time tending to her many chores in Ga-Koro. She sees herself as only a simple fish-catcher and net-mender, never daring to dream of adventure beyond the shores of her village. Although full of ideas, Hahli is too shy to speak them out loud, and she is often forgotten or overlooked by her fellow Ga-Matoran. Little does Hahli know, but Nokama has glimpsed her true potential and has great plans for the simple net-mender.



Kotu has a sharp mind and a quick, witty sense of humor. Her skills at practical jokes are unequaled in Ga-Koro, where almost everyone has fallen victim to one of her pranks. She helps her best friend Maku play jokes on Huki and is a skilled Kohlii player. Kotu has the important job of tending to Rahi that have been freed from Makuta’s control.




Matoro is the sole interpreter of Nuju's mystical stories, following the meaning of the storyteller's movements and tones. He always stands motionless on Nuju's right during storytelling. He strikes a narrator's pose with his legs apart, head back and he uses his deep and booming voice to relay Nuju's wisdom. Matoro stays close to Nuju since the Bohrok have awoken, so he's close at hand whenever the Turaga hold their councils.



Kopeke rarely speaks and is often considered aloof, but his courage and loyalty are unquestioned. The bridge shrines that he carves from ice are some of the most beautifully crafted tributes to Kopaka ever created. He knows the icy slopes of Mount Ihu better than any Matoran and is always on the lookout for suspicious strangers. He is famed as one of the greatest Huai Snowball Sling skaters of all time and has recently begun to train in the new form of Koli.




Onepu stands to the right of Turaga Whenua. He has been entrusted with grave responsibility as Captain of the Onu-Koronan Ussalry because his skill with battle crabs is legendary. He is an agile rider and a master of speed, balance and strategy. He has been crowned champion of the Great Ussal Race for the past 5 seasons in a row!



Taipu may appear small, but his compact body holds incredible strength and he can lift many times his own weight. He is enthralled by tales of other lands and yearns to explore all of Mata Nui. He may be a little clumsy, but he is always eager to help. If his friends need protection, Taipu can invariably be found at the front, usually tripping over his own feet to get there.



Nuparu is unique among the Matoran of Onu-koro. While others toiled away, digging through stone and earth and mining protodermis, Nuparu observed and devised new and more efficient ways for the Matoran to work. Desperate to find new ways to protect his village and the inhabitants of Mata Nui, Nuparu applied his talents to converting the Bohrok parts into a defense vehicle that could be used by his fellow Matoran. The result was the Boxor, a fast, powerful machine which has proven highly effective against Bohrok Va. In large enough numbers, Boxor vehicles can even stall a Bohrok swarm for a short time!


Metru Nui Matoran (a.k.a. Metruan)



We know about six Matoran, who are the only creatures on Metru Nui who know the locations of the Great Kanoka. They have all disappeared, but one is intending to betray Metru Nui. In other words, the six of them are missing, but five are more missing than one. It is now known who the traitor is: Ahkmou.

Pronunciation: ACK-moo
Ahkmou was a builder and carver from Po-Metru, skilled at many things, but master of none. He always came in second to Onewa at everything, and has not forgotten all the times he has lost, so, Ahkmou planned to betray the Toa Metru and the City of Legends in return for safety from the apocalypse to come—or so Nidhiki claimed. But the Dark Hunter soon disposed with courtesy and resolved to death threats, so when Onewa captured the Matoran, he gladly went with the Toa. (Note: Ahkmou is the Comet Ball Traitor from the first MNOLG (Mata Nui Online Game))

Pronunciation: Tuh-HOO-tee
Tehutti is a veteran worker in the Onu-Metru Archives, who thinks of nothing but how to make the Archives more complete. Despite his hard work, he felt like he was not appreciated. But, he thought, if he could find a Great Kanoka Disk, everyone would have to pay attention to him. When confronted with the fact that the Great Kanoka held the fate of the city, he gave its location to Whenua.

Pronunciation: Vih-SO-lah
Vhisola is a long-time friend and student of Nokama and a talented athlete. Deep down, she knows that Nokama is better at everything than she is, and that has sparked jealousy in her. She really wanted to be Nokama’s best friend in Metru Nui, and when it didn’t seem like that would happen, she grew angry. Even her home is decorated with carvings of and about Nokama.
When Nokama became a Toa, Vhisola believed her friend will forget all about her. When Ahkmou told her that the Toa Metru were serving the Morbuzakh, she almost gave up her Great Disk, and agreed to help Ahkmou get Tehutti’s Great Kanoka. But when she was saved by her old friend, Vhisola joined the Toa Metru.
Vhisola favors a level 6 Kanoka disk with the freeze power, handy for turning protodermis canals to ice.

Pronunciation: NEW-ree
Nuhrii is a skilled mask maker and was Vakama’s mentor at the forge. But when Vakama began to be famed for his skill at creating Kanohi, Nuhrii grew resentful (something Vakama never realized). The final straw was when Dume requested that Vakama create a Mask of Time.
When Nuhrii found the location of a Great Kanoka, he planned to make into the ultimate Kanohi to get Metru Nui’s attention, ignoring the fact that if he did, there wouldn’t be anyone left on Metru Nui to impress. It took a talk from Vakama in his Toa form to make him realize how dangerous his plan was, and so he joined the Toa Metru.
Like all Matoran, Nuhrii is skilled at launching Kanoka. Due to the number of venomous fire serpents in Ta-Metru, he usually carries a level 3 Kanoka with the removes poison power.

Pronunciation: OR-kam
Orkahm was a chief Ussal rider in Le-Metru, and he knew all the hidden streets and alleys of Le-Metru. On Metru Nui, Pewku belonged to him. Although he got the job done, he was slow and methodical, and envied Matau’s speed and quick wit. When he found the location of a Great Kanoka, he didn’t think much of it, until Ahkmou started pestering him for it. When Matau showed up and told Orkahm the importance of his disk, Orkahm agreed to help.

Pronunciation: AIR-yay
Ehrye could always be found in Ko-Metru, running errands for the scholars in the great crystal
Knowledge Towers. He hoped to be more, but Nuju believed he was too reckless to advance. Still, Ehrye learned much from his work in Ko-Metru—including the location of a Great Kanoka. Ehrye planned to give the disk to his friend Ahkmou, but Nuju showed up and forced Ehrye to give him the Kanoka’s location.

But it seems that the mystery concerning these six isn't over yet. After the Morbuzakh was defeated, these six Matoran mysteriously disappeared. Their fates is something that is yet to be revealed...

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