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Turaga of Mata Nui

The six Turaga were the Toa Metru in Metru Nui. They are Vakama, Nuju, Nokama, Onewa, Matau, and Whenua.  

The village elders of Mata Nui. The Turaga know the legends of Mata Nui, and their knowledge might be the most powerful tool against the Bohrok swarms.



Turaga Onewa is the protector of Pohatu's legend. Like all of his tribe he is sure-footed and swift over loose ground. Onewa is known among his tribe as "The Referee", as his decisions are never argued - even though he is sometimes slow to come to one!
Onewa's mask is the Kanohi Komau and his tool is a mighty stone hammer.



Turaga Whenua is the protector of Onua's legend. He oversees the work in the rock quarry and the vast, complex tunnels, always foreseeing problems before they occur. Everyone on Mata Nui knows Whenua for his fairness, good judgment, wisdom and honesty. He should always be listened to with care and respect.
Whenua's mask is the Kanohi Ruru and his tool is the Drill of Onua.



Turaga Nokama is the protector of Gali's legend. She knows the most about the oceans and rivers--except for Gali herself. Nokama has a reputation for resolving disagreements and bringing the Turaga together with her practical logic. Every Turaga respects the way she listens to all sides of a discussion.
Nokama's mask is the Kanohi Rau and her tool is an enormous fork-shaped staff.



Turaga Matau is the protector of Lewa's legend. When he is among his people, Matau is like the silence in the eye of the tornado: calm, stable and paternal. But you'd better watch him carefully or you'll be the victim of one of his jokes! He is also a brave warrior and a leader who receives the utmost loyalty. The tribe repays him with great courage.
Matau's mask is the Kanohi Mahiki and his tool is the Kau Kau staff.



Turaga Vakama is the holder of the Great Firestaff and protector of Tahu's legend. He is famous for his quick temper and immense courage. Vakama doesn't mess around: he has no time for nonsense and practical jokes, but his boldness could get him into trouble.
Vakama's mask is the Kanohi Huna and his tool is the ancient fire staff.



Turaga Nuju is the protector of Kopaka's legend. Nuju has great vision and seems to have more time to react to situations than anybody else. His Kanohi Matatu (mask of telepathy) amplifies these gifts, allowing him to move objects with his mind. It is said that he can tell stories that last for days, using gestures and whistles that only Matoro can interpret. Some find Nuju aloof and uncaring, but he shows his feelings in different ways--like through his generous deeds.
Nuju's tool is the Ice Pick.


Turaga of Metru Nui


Turaga Dume

Pronunciation: DOO-mah

Turaga Dume, the elder of Metru Nui, commands the forces of the Vahki and maintains order in the city, living at the Coliseum at the center of the city. His giant Rahi hawk, Nivawk, serves as his eyes and ears in the shadowy corners of the metropolis. Nivawk can speak a language that only Dume understands, and Dume can ride Nivawk as a means of transportation. But what fate does Dume have in mind for the Matoran, and how will it affect the Toa Metru?

Turaga Dume wears the Kanohi Kiril (kee-ril), the Noble Mask of Regeneration. The Kiril allows Dume to regenerate non-organic objects, such as structures, tools, carvings, etc., but he cannot regenerate the wounds of Matoran, Rahi, and such.


There's also a thing called Ultimate Dume (set combiner of Dume and Nivawk, Nidhiki, and Krekka). I don't know what it is, and all Greg will say is that it plays a part later on in the story.


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