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Makuta and the Rahkshi
Enemies of Metru Nui


The Enemies

First Mata Nui was overrun with fearsome Rahi. There are even Rahi on Metru Nui.

Bohrak, Bahrag, and Bohrak-Kal
The Bohrak Swarms are unstoppable once awakened... They were awaked by Makuta. The Toa had to get the eight types of Krana from each swarm. When they beat the Bahrag, the Bohrak-Kal were awakened...

They stole the Nuva symbols and made the Toa Nuva powerless. They almost succeeded because in the final moments before completing their task their Krana-Kal turned silver... But all hope was not lost. The Toa Nuva tapped in to their Nuva symbols and gave the Bohrak-Kal power! However the Bohrak-Kal couldn't control all of the power and were destroyed by their own powers.

Makuta and the Rahkshi
Makuta is Mata Nui's brother and they are both great spirits. Makuta controlled the Rahi, unleashed the the Bohrak, and his Sons known as the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi destroyed or caused damage to three villages. They were searching for the Mask of Light, and the Herald of the 7th Toa. In the end all but one fell to the six Toa Nuva. The Fear-Rahkshi Tuurahk. This Rahkshi killed Jaller. Then the Chronicler, Takua, put on the Mask of Light and became Takanuva, Toa of Light. He easily defeated the one remaining Rahkshi. The next day they made the Ussanui a vehicle that would take him to The Makuta, using the Kraata from the Rahkshi. He beat Makuta in a game of Kohlii and rediscovered Metru Nui.

Enemies Of Metru Nui
On Metru Nui there is the Morbuzakh, The Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka. But, there may be more... such as a mysterious one who will be a set... no one knows who this one is.

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