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Mata Nui Collectables and Information on Them

There are many collectables for Mata Nui. They are The Kanohi Masks, Kanohi Nuva, Krana, Krana-Kal, and the Kraata. Information coming soon!


Metru Nui Collectables and Information on Them



The Kanoka are the disks that the Metruan hold. They are the new collectables. The powers of the Kanoka are unleashed on impact with its target, and there is a minimum speed that the Kanoka has to be going in order for the power to take effect. There are eight powers:

1—Reconstitutes at random (it scrambles the molecules of its target randomly)
4—Remove poison

Kanoka are manufactured in every Metru. Which Metru they are made in affects their flight characteristic:

3 = Po-Metru: Homes in on other Kanoka and deflects them from their course
6 = Onu-Metru: Always returns to thrower if diverted from course
2 = Ga-Metru: Can change direction in mid-air according to the user's thoughts
1 = Ta-Metru: Stronger, can knock obstacles out of the way
5 = Le-Metru: Flies further
4 = Ko-Metru: Dodges obstacles to get to target

The explanation for the numbers: each Kanoka has a three-digit code on it; the first number is the Metru of origin, the second is its power, and the third is the power level. There are nine power levels, 1 being lowest, 9 being a Great Kanoka. There are six Great Kanoka, which are the keys to the defeat of the Morbuzakh. They have normal powers, leaving out two, except that their powers are extremely strong. These are the codes for the Great Kanoka:


They are hidden in places that no Matoran can reach. We know all of their locations: one in a fire pit in Ta-Metru, one hidden in the heart of an icicle on the outside of a Knowledge Tower, one hidden inside the jaws of a really big sea monster by the Great Temple, one hidden in a remote section of the Archives (and if you didn’t know where to look, it would take several years to search for it), one hidden in the biggest carving in Po-Metru, and one inside a force sphere.

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