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Mata Nui's History and Legends


Legend of Mata Nui

"At the dawn of time the great spirit Mata Nui was sent down from paradise to care for all living things. He brought joy and light to the islanders now known as the Matoran. The Matoran thanked him by naming their island in his honor. The world was a joyful place, until Makuta, Mata Nuiís spirit brother, secretly followed him from paradise. Makuta envied how the Matoran worshiped his brotherís goodness, so after a mighty struggle he cast a spell, which made Mata Nui sink into an endless sleep. But still the Matoran would not worship Makuta. So Makuta brought dark places to the land where the Matoran dare not go for all the wicked beasts, which Makuta did truly rule. While Mata Nui slept, the Matoranís powers and skills were weakened by Makutaís dark powers. But the Matoran kept faith in Mata Nui, and the Legends of The Bionicle, which told them six mighty heroes called Toa would liberate them from Makuta and his beasts."


Another Version

"In the time before time, the Great Spirit Mata Nui created an island paradise. But his brother, the dark spirit Makuta, saw the joy that Mata Nui had made and was consumed by jealousy. Makuta trapped the great spirit in eternal sleep and brought darkness to the island that was called Mata Nui.  Legend foretold that six mighty heroes called the Toa would come to free Mata Nui from the shadow of Makuta. Wielding elemental powers, the Toa sought the Kanohi Masks of Power, for only with the masks could the evil of Makuta be undone. The Toa defeated Makuta in his underground lair, and for a time there was peace."


"But darkness was not so easily kept at bay. As the Matoran celebrated the victory of the Toa, the Bohrok swarms awoke. The insect-like Bohrok laid siege to Mata Nui, creating destruction and devastation everywhere that they passed. The Toa traveled deep beneath the surface to the nest of the Bahrag, the twin queens of the swarms. Merging their powers, the Toa imprisoned the Bahrag and found themselves immersed in protodermis and transformed into the Toa Nuva. A squad of elite Bohrok-Kal appeared on a mission to find and free the queens. They stole the symbols of the Toa Nuva, taking away their elemental powers. The Toa Nuva pursued the Kal to a hidden cavern and were again triumphant, reclaiming their powers and ending the threat of the swarms."


Legend of the Bohrok

"It is said the Bohrok sleep an eternal sleep, waiting to hatch. Once awakened, the swarms are unstoppable.  They are a force so powerful, they can reduce mountains to rubble and turn life-giving rivers dry as the desert sands. The Bohrok swarm won't stop - not until all that is known of Mata Nui is gone. Their strength goes beyond their powerful exterior; it is hard to see and well protected. It is the Krana, the creature within. But Krana are also their greatest weakness for even the mightiest Bohrok can be humbled, if parted from their Krana."


Metru Nui's History and Legends

The Matoran were either driven from Metru Nui or simply left. I donít know. When Makuta came, what he did was this; he wiped all their memories (except for the Turagaís) of every memory of Metru Nui. Also, he somehow managed to reduce them from their Metruan form to their McDonalds form. But not overnight; the second part took some time to notice. More information coming soon!

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