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Mata Nui
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Metru Nui


Transport and vehicles: The main form of transportation on Metru Nui is the protodermis chutes. The chutes are tubular force fields containing high-speed flows of magnetic protodermis. You can jump in through weak spots in the field at chute stations, though the field pulses, so you can leap out midway if you time it right; that method is very dangerous though, and then there's the matter of the average chute-to-ground distance ratio.
Occasionally, there are flaws in the field, and when that happens, a piece of the field breaks of and wraps around itself, becoming a sphere of magnetic energy called a force sphere. Force spheres travel through chutes at high speed, sucking in tools, bits of junk, Great Disks, and other things. The longer the sphere exists, the stronger it becomes, until it tears apart the chute itís in with its power, making the chute collapse. The sphere then implodes under the wreckage, taking everything inside with it.

Ussal-driven carts are used in Le-Metru for transport and light freight. Wheels do not exist on Metru Nui, so, strangely, Ussal carts have...legs.

There is a vehicle that the Vahki squads use; truck-like vehicles propelled by big insectoid legs, like Ussal carts. They're in the next movie.

There are protodermis canals distributed throughout Metru Nui, and flatboats sail them, used for carrying particularly big carvings and pieces of equipment, as well as other large objects.
There are also flying cargo ships. You can see one up close in Whenua's movie, available through the mini-game.

The Rahi and Rahkshi come from other islands and environs surrounding Metru Nui; some get there by swimming, some get there by subterranean tunnels, some fly, but there might be other ways, according to Greg.

Metru Nui is dotted with huge display screens, controlled from Turaga Dume's chamber. This is how Matoran can learn what's going on in the city.

Matoran on Metru Nui play a sport called Akilini, involving Kanoka and disk launchers. Exactly how Akilini is played is something that will be cleared up in the next few months.

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