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Here you will find my links and a rating of them.

Bionicle-This is the main site. Currently it has information on Metru Nui and a sneak peak on Bionicle 2 Legends of Metru Nui. They also have an overview of the first three years. 10/10

Bioniclesector01-Has a lot of information. It has pictures, games, and downloads. Just about everything that there is. 10/10

Bzpower-Another great site. It also has information. It is updated everyday with news about Bionicle. You can also check out the Bzpower Forums. That is where I am a member of (I'm Kohaku-my Bzp profile). I give Bzpower and the Bzp Forums a 10/10 (I'm running out of tens here)

            Please Note: I don't own Bionicle. And my site is not authorized or endorsed by The Lego Company.