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General Thanks

First I would Like to thank Lego. And Bionicle because without them I wouldn't have been able to make this great site.
Second Bzpower a great site with a lot of information.

Metru Nui Info

Corrections, additions, comments--please email.

Credit for making The Metru Nui info. and letting me use it goes to Master of the Rahkshi

This is who Master of the Rahkshi thanks: 
Credit for finding the Vahki, Turaga, and Dark Hunter bios goes to israeli rahkshi.
Credit for the measurements go to Denarr and Screenguy; credit for the suggestion of adding them, the Rahi section, and misc. section goes the Ang: The
Malaysia Chronicler.
Credit for the combiner info goes to Than: Matoran of Anger.
Credit to Lewa Nuva Master of Wind for letting me know about Dume's mask.
And, of course, credit for almost every single bit of info in this goes to Greg.

            Please Note: I don't own Bionicle. And my site is not authorized or endorsed by The Lego Company.