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Bohrak, Bahrag, and Bohrak-Kal

The Bohrak Swarms are unstoppable once awakened... They were awaked by Makuta. The Toa had to get the eight types of Krana from each swarm. When they beat the Bahrag, the leaders of the swarms, the Bohrak-Kal, an elite squad of Bohrak, were awakened...

The Bahrag

Cahdok and Gahdok, the Bahrag twins, dwell far below the surface of Mata Nui. They are the queens of the Bohrok swarms, each one possessing the powers of all the Bohrok plus amazing telepathic abilities. The Bahrag control the krana, which in turn control the Bohrok. They are intent on their mysterious mission to return Mata Nui to the way it was in the "before time." Another strange power of Cahdok and Gahdok is that the closer they are to each other, the stronger they become - almost as if they draw energy from each other! When the two are side by side, even the might of the Exo-Toa armor is not enough to defeat them.


The Bohrok-Kal realizes that only the Toa Nuva can stop them from reviving the Bahrag twins and the Bohrok Swarm will rise again. Thus the Bohrok-Kal set out to steal the elemental symbols of the Toa Nuva from the temple in each Mata Nui village. If the symbols are taken, the Toa Nuva will lose their elemental powers and are in great danger.

Kohrak-Kal tends to work alone more than any other Bohrok-Kal. The reason may be that its sonic powers are so great, they are even a threat to its comrades. In fact, the Kohrak-Kal is so awesome that its krana can afford to ignore danger until the very last moment, then react swiftly and with overpowering effect.

Kohrak-Kalís tool is a sonic shield. It can change its rate of vibration almost instantly, forming a dense sonic barrier that can repel most forms of attack. It is even more impressive when used in attack mode--bursts of sonic emanations can deafen an opponent or if used at higher intensity can cause almost any target to stress and shatter.

Tahnok-Kal is fast and powerful, and usually acts as the leader of a Bohrok-Kal squad. Its reflexes are incredibly swift, making it appear short-tempered to those who see it in action. Some have said the Tahnok-Kal is truly as fast as the lightning it controls.

Tahnok-Kal controls the forces of electricity via his power shield. The shield can use energy for defense or fire lightning bolts at an opponent.

Like water itself, Gahlok-Kal is hard to catch. Its surface is designed to make it difficult to grasp, and it can ďflowĒ around obstacles when need be. Gahlok-Kal is stealthy as well, able to sneak in and out of a Matoran village without ever being seen or heard.

Gahlok-Kalís tool is a magnetic shield. This collects, controls and directs the power of magnetism from the earth Ė which can be employed as a defensive force field against attack, or be used as a formidable defensive weapon. The shield is also use for a variety of mundane tasks, such as shattering magnetic rock.

The Nuhvok-Kal sacrifices speed for sheer power. Its gravity shield makes it one of the most dangerous Bohrok-Kal, but it seems to be in no hurry to fight. Perhaps the reason is that as soon as it brings its gravity shield into play, the struggle is over in seconds..

The Nuhvok-Kalís gravity shield has the dual ability to negate gravity (so that its target becomes lighter than air and starts to float away), or intensify gravity (so that its target becomes much more dense, and sinks into the ground). To be sure of defeating Nuhvok-Kal, the Toa Nuva should face him only above ground.

Pahrak-Kal is a slow-moving powerhouse. Although it would seem this Bohrok-Kal would be easy to evade, that is not so. The Pahrak-Kal is a powerhouse that can plow through any obstacle on its way to its goal.

Pahrak-Kalís tool is a plasma shield. It has the power to superheat any substance until it becomes plasmodia. This makes him a fast and effective tunneller. The shield can also be used defensively, to turn any incoming missile or attack into a roiling mass of plasma. More terrifyingly, it can be used as an offensive weapon, to turn any obstacle into a molten mass.

Lehvak-Kal is the fastest and most unpredictable Bohrok-Kal. Its vacuum shield gives it two powerful modes of defense, and there is no way for a Toa Nuva to know which it will choose. Lehvak-Kal makes full use of the terrain, and can disappear into the jungle in an instant.

Lehvak-Kalís vacuum shield can suck all the air out of a given area, causing a destructive implosion. It can then release the evacuated air in a single blast that has the power to smash through solid rock.


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