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Enemies on Metru Nui



The Morbuzakh is the big one at the moment. Itís basically a plant. A really, really, really big intelligent plant. For scale, the king (main) root of the Morbuzakh is the size of the Chrysler building. Itís vines can reach any place in Metru Nui, and it is destroying buildings and making Matoran disappear. It is bent on driving the Matoran to the center of the city. We donít know why. The Morbuzakh is a telepath, like the Bahrag. It feeds off of fire, and the king root is inside the Great Furnace. The Morbuzakh senses via chemical substances "programmed" to respond to the outside world; it can sense vibrations in the air, allowing the Morbuzakh to hear and sense motion, much like cat's whiskers can sense the movement of a mouseóbut replace "cat's whiskers" with "Morbuzakh's vines", and "mouse" with "helpless Matoran." The Morbuzakh is acting on orders; whose orders, we donít know, but not Makutaís. So, since things have been going so well, the Morbuzakh is getting a bit carried away.

Dark Hunters, Nidhiki and Krekka
The other two known major enemies are the Dark Hunters, a new class of character. The two who captured Lhikan are called Krekka and Nidhiki:

One of a pair of powerful Dark Hunters, Nidhiki is a four-legged nightmare with an evil cunning and a hatred for Toa. He will track the Toa Metru to the ends of Metru Nui to see them captured and helpless. If his energy bursts donít do the job, Nidhiki can rely on his Kanoka. One Toa fell before Nidhikiís powerócan the rest hope to defeat him?

Krekka is Nidhikiís partner, a huge Dark Hunter that hates Matoran. What Krekka may lack in intelligence, he makes up for in brute strength. His energy nets are strong enough to snare even a Toa Metru, and his shoulder-mounted disk launcher makes sure they stay defeated. Paired with Nidhikiís dark, twisted intelligence, Krekka is a menace to every Toa.

Both of the Dark Hunters can fly. They also serve someoneóagain, we do not know who it is, only that it isn't Makuta.


There is another enemy, albeit a temporary one, that has yet to show her face; her name is Krahka.
Krahka is an intelligent Rahi in the lower maintenance tunnels underneath the Archives. She has the ability to shapeshift, so no one knows what she looks like. The Toa Metru face her in the third Bionicle Adventures book, The Darkness Below.

Also, some clarification on Makuta and the presence of Rahkshi:
Makuta is around in this storyline, but there is no evidence that suggests he will play a major role. The inhabitants of Metru Nui do know he exists, but he isn't anywhere near them, so they don't really care. The Rahkshi on Metru Nui got there by accident, not on purpose, and are relatively minor characters, involved in only a few incidents.

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